With the bulk of the Allied forces fighting in Belgium, there was little to stop the German forces as they sliced across the Allied supply-lines. It would, therefore, be a mistaken view that every increase in the productive powers of the soil will supply the requisite conditions for an increase in the population. But they also intended to eliminate Christianity and to adopt a state policy of polygamy so that the male survivors of wars expected to kill four million German soldiers would be able to impregnate enough German women to forestall a drop in population. From this mixed trough of evidence, he focuses on a number of crucial themes. The Vichy regime was authoritarian and collaborated with the Germans. There were still spasms of fighting.
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Hitler's Plans for Global Domination: Nazi Architecture and Ultimate War Aims

Meanwhile, the victorious Panzers raced in different directions across France, finishing off pockets of resistance, crossing the River Loire in the west on 17 June, and reaching the Swiss frontier a few days later. The humiliation of France was complete. In general, the slow-tempo, attritional fighting of World War One heavily influenced French military doctrine at the outbreak of World War Two. Japan would temporarily receive the rest of the Soviet Union. Weinberg author of the magisterial A World at Arms , widely considered the finest study of World War II yet written followed a trail of intriguing hints left by the major heads of state about the postwar world each envisioned. They planned to take the offensive some two to three years after the start of hostilities. And when attempts to settle the difficulty in an amicable way are rejected the clenched hand must take by force that which was refused to the open hand of friendship.
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Hitler's Plans for Global Domination - eBook - 250text.info

USA had rougly twice the German population at that time. His primary goal was the forcible acquisition of Lebensraum living space for the German people. It could be argued that except for us Jews, Hitler was not a specially sanguinary dictator. Hitler plainly saw his principal allies, Italy and Japan, as partners of convenience. What did Hitler really want to achieve: world domination.
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The 'Maginot Line' replaced the crude trenches in which so much of the war was fought. Hitler's Argument for Conquest 8. In sub Saharan Africa he expected to restore the colonies Germany had lost after the First World War and seize the rest from defeated European powers. Yet this was all too little, too late. Lawrance George Lux Mar 21 at pm. The belief in the concept that Germany had lost the First World War because of the collapse at home -- the stab in the back of the German army -- rather than defeat at the front automatically carried with it a converse of enormous significance which has generally been ignored. In the nineteenth century it was no longer possible to acquire such colonies by peaceful means.
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Hitler plan for world domination

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